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About us


Welcome to Before it Melts, where every scoop tells a story of dedication, flavor and community. From our origins at Boxi Park to our newest location in Lake Nona Town Center, we've grown alongside the vibrant spirit of the Lake Nona Community.

At Before it Melts, we're more than just ice cream - we're the gathering place for families, friends and neighbors. We serve happiness one scoop at a time. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our ingredients; it's woven into everything we do. Enjoy it, Before it Melts!

before it melts lake nona tie dye background

Where is it from..?

What Makes OUR Ice Cream

It contains at least 14% butterfat with an overrun less than 50%, Standard overrun for ice cream is around 100%, or 1:1 air to cream. Our ice cream is 35-40% overrun, or 1:3 air to cream. Low over means creamier, smoother and richer ice cream. Less air translates to fewer ice crystals and fewer ice crystals means you get that melt-in your mouth creaminess.

Our Ice cream is Genuine Super-Premium Goodness, Our Ice cream begins with a 3rd generation family farm in Wisconsin. Sassy Cow Creamery..."It's the attitude you get with with superior cows!"

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